Our Story

The Levenbirds are a high energy act based in Los Angeles, CA. Having been described as "Mixing dark atmospheres a la Joy Division while throwing pop melodies in there like it’s the easiest job in the world, a highly re-watchable group."  —(Emergenza at Taubertal Festival, Germany), the Levenbirds are an energetic bunch. 

Formerly based in Istanbul and formed by James and Chris in 2013 the Levenbirds originally formed based on their mutual love of running naked though the woods and medieval dentistry. While working their day jobs the Levenbirds rushed home every evening to the darkness of their cold, dank apartment to put together their particular kind of indie rock. A steady growth in the bands vision and live performance ability saw them become regulars of the Istanbul music scene. This culminated in the band performing in venues such as The Jolly Joker, winning first place in Istanbul at the 2014 Emergenza contest and also saw the band perform at the Taubertal Festival in Germany. 
This success saw the band set their goals higher and now the members have transplanted to Los Angeles with a big dream and a fistful of songs. 
The Levenbirds hammer home upbeat tempos with a mix of earnest melodies and a doubly earnest performance. The live show is what has earned the best reactions. A purposeful resolution affects the drums while the bass is both constant and changing; it’s intent on blowing up, even as the low intensity of the lead vocal is steadily determined to soothe you. Tides of guitar and synth wash over you as the Levenbirds pull you deep into the music.  

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